Waterford Mott

We ended up going 3-0 on Saturday qualifications matches.FRC Team 1718: The Fighting Pi had a tough loss in Match 79 against 51, which allowed us to be the Number 1 Alliance Captain two weeks in a row.

Both 68 and 1718 declined our invite, which was their choice, and turned out to be the correct one, as they played against each other in the finals.

469 accepted our invite, and with our last pick we were able to pick up a gem in 4998. We worked though the lunch break on getting 4998, to only be an efficient inbounder. 469 and 4998 were amazing to watch and work with, improving their bot in such a short time.

We were up against the number 8 alliance of 4680-5216-3707 and were able to get past them in two quick matches.

In the Semi’s we faced 1718 and their alliance of 3098 and 3773. We won the first after a tie score of 216-216 due to a tie breaker of not having any fouls. In the second match there was a field fault, where our pedestal did not light up for a significant time, and we lost in the replay. In the third match, we were unable to finish a ball that had one assist bonus on it, and we lost the match 121-125.

The 1718 alliance went on to win the finals against the Hot alliance of 67-51-4994. It went to 3 games and at the end only 4 of the 6 robots were running.

Hats off to the winning alliance 1718-3098-3773, very impressive.

Congrats to Truck Town Thunder team 68 from Brandon, on their Chairman’s Award!

We ended the day with the Quality Award. Thanks to all the Judges and Volunteers, it was a great event.