TORC Geocaching Travel Bugs






Girl Travel Bug

Girl Travel Bug Map

Boy Travel Bug

Boy Travel Bug Map

TORC launched Geocaching Travel Bugs this year to help spread the message of FIRST to the world.

“ROCK”eting into Space with the TORC Flash Mob at the Big Rock in Oxford Michigan! We wanted to introduce our Travel Bugs to the World in a big way!

On November 7th 2013, TORC held our flash Mob in honor of NASA is a Geocaching event. This one time affair was located at Oxford High School near the big “Rock” on a cold autumn evening. Students, team members, and the 6 million members of the geocaching community were invited to our event.


Devon Laser Engraved our Travel Bugs to look COOL!

The celebration was based off of NASA’s launching of their second geocaching travel bug into space. NASA is a national corporate sponsor of FIRST Robotics. NASA’s sponsorship of TORC in the years 2007 and 2008 meant a great deal to TORC Team members. TORC wanted to support NASA by recognizing their event and putting our TORC twist on geocaching.

Our relationship with NASA will also help us in the future as we send our own geocaching travel bugs into the adventure filled world. What is Geocaching you may ask? Geocaching is the real world treasure hunt that’s happening right now, all around the you. There are 2,304,093 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide. From pictures to rockets and flashmobs galore, everyone had a blast showing their support for NASA.