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Team 2137 TORC is proud to produce it’s team newsletter – IMPACT. The name was chosen because each issue features short articles about those TORC impacts as it spreads the message of FIRST. The IMPACT cover was designed in 2014, by TORC alumni, James Beaupied while he was still a TORC student member. It features the RoboCat head from the TORC logo, which is superimposed on the globe. We chose the globe because every TORC student can impact the world around them. We represented our “We Build more than robots” team motto by placing gears and the characteristics “We Build” into TORC students in the background of the cover. 

You will find features about TORC sponsors, students and mentors. We also provide information about the FIRST game release and each of our competitions during the season. Additionally, we share about community service projects, FIRST support activities, and fundraising events that TORC participates in. Finally, TORC provides articles about various other news that is of interest. The articles are written by TORC students and mentors and occasionally, a TORC alumni.

2016 May 3rd IMPACT Newsletter

2016 April 28th IMPACT Newsletter

2016 April IMPACT Newsletter

2016 March IMPACT Newsletter

2016 February IMPACT Newsletter

2016 Jan  IMPACT Newsletter

2015 April 15 IMPACT Newsletter

2015 March 30 IMPACT Newsletter

2015 March 14 IMPACT Newsletter

2015 Feb IMPACT Newsletter

2015 Jan IMPACT Newsletter

2014 May 13 IMPACT Newsletter

2014 May 5 IMPACT Newsletter

2014 April  IMPACT Newsletter

2014 Jan 24 IMPACT Newsletter

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