Michigan FRC State Championship

At the Eastern Michigan Convocation Center in Ypsilanti, MI.

Started off the day on a downer, with two tough qualification matches, and two tough losses. We dropped from 2nd to 11th, and did not look like, we would be picking, but “Just say YES!”

We were first team picked for the number 5 alliance captains, Waterford Kettering FRC3098 Captains! and with our 3rd pick we asked FRC107 Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. join our alliance.

In quarterfinals we faced the number 4 alliance of FRC1918 NC Gears, and both Martians teams FRC494 and FRC70. We lost the first match, but then adjusted or strategy and was able to avoid eliminations and put up back to back wins.

In the semifinals, we faced the number one alliance of the Fighting Pi FRC1718, Hot FRC67, and Chaos FRC74. Just two weeks ago at Waterford, we finished 1st overall, and Hot, and Fighting Pi declined to join our alliance. Fighting Pi picked the Captains, and won the event.

We lost the first match, and once again was facing eliminations. But through tough defense, and great teamwork, we were able to squeak out a victory, even with the Captains out of commission at the end of the match. Captains used our alliance time out to repair some power connections on the analog bumper, and we were back in action for the rubber match. Victory wasn’t in the cards, for this one, our one ball hot detect autonomous shot low, after being 100% to that point, and team 107 died for about 30 seconds in the match before coming back, we had spotted them too much to come back from, but we were able to get back into the game, and finish strong.

It was truly great to be part of an amazing alliance, both the Captains and Team ROBOTICS were great partners, and good strategists. After each loss we responded with a win due to game adjustments in strategy.

At the end of the day, The alliance of RUSH FRC27, Killer Bees FRC33, and Big MO FRC314 knocked off the Hot, Pi, Chaos alliance and are State Champions.

At the end of the day TORC was awarded the SPRIT award, and Killer Bees FRC33, Frog Force, and Truck Town Thunder FRC68 won the Chairmens Awards to represent the State of Michigan at St. Louis.

Our whole Alliance qualified for Championships in two weeks!

Meet me in St. Louis!