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Support TORC 2137 (The Oxford RoboCats)

TORC is a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Team from Oxford High School. The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people work to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. It begins in January with six intense weeks of designing, building, and testing our “Champion” robot.  Your tax deductible donation will help enable the team to participate in regional, state and national competitions.

Ways Your Organization Can Support Team 2137:

•    Financial Donation
•    Materials Donation
•    Facility Tours
•    Summer Internship Experiences
•    Student Scholarships
•    Student Recognition Awards
•    Employee Mentor Support (allow time off for employee’s who mentor the team)
•    Help Us Support One of Our Elementary FIRST Lego League Teams

Here’s how you or your business can help with a financial donation or the donation of materials valued at given increments:

Special Categories

Because support of FIRST robotics teams can be achieved through means other than finances, TORC has created unique support categories in an effort to spread the message of FIRST.

Sponsorship Levels

(Bronze Level)

By donating  as little as $100 in this category, your organization will be featured on our website as one of our sponsors. We will use the logo you provide.  (only location featured)

(Silver Level)

When you make a donation of $300, we will place a small item  (that you send us) with your organization’s name or logo on it in our Sponsor Display Case at Oxford High School.  (Includes website location)

(Aluminum Level)

At each competition, we have a 10×10 “pit” that we work out of for several days. It is open to other teams, judges and the public. Here we create a display that features our sponsors. With approximately 1200 people in attendance at the district events and thousands at the state event, the exposure potential is high. By donating $500, your business will be featured in our “pit” display. (Includes website and display case

(Gold Level)

Student team members/fans wear a team competition t-shirt that features the sponsors that donate $1000. These shirts are worn not just at competition but also to school, community events, and in public. (Includes website, display case and “pit” locations)

(Titanium Level)

Those who donate $2000 will be honored for their commitment by having their name placed on the TORC robot, which will be seen repeatedly at all our venues. (Includes the website, display case, “pit” , and t-shirt locations)

(Platinum Level)

When you pledge to donate $3000 (after May 31st but before December 15th, the organization’s name will be recognized as an official part of our team name, as it is read at competitions and noted in FIRST  programs that are printed. This recognition will apply to the team season that begins the January following the December 15th,  deadline.  (Includes the website,  display case, “pit” , t-shirt  and robot locations)


Organizations that donate $5000 and meet one of the following two descriptions : Originate in the US and have facilities or programs outside the US or originate outside the US and have facilities or programs inside the US, will become a GPFP sponsor. They help TORC demonstrate “real world engineering” in our finances, showing the  global interdependence of engineering. Students will be exposed to businesses from other cultures through this program. A news release will be made announcing the organizations partnership with TORC, as well as recognition of the company logo in our reserved sponsor blocks on the team website. (Includes website, display case, “pit”, t-shirt, robot and official team name locations)


This special status is designed to provide a unique means for the small businesses of Oxford to support TORC in a feasible manner ($100 donation). The team trailer is covered in a unique vinyl wrap. The rear of the trailer hosts the phrase, “ It’s worth the drive, Oxford, MI.”  It recognizes the unique small businesses of Oxford who have donated to TORC with an additional phrase that reads “TORC thanks Oxford’s unique small businesses for their support”. (only location featured)

“GO PRO” Partners

The support sought in this category is not necessarily a financial one. Our goal is to further promote the message of FIRST by gaining endorsements from those in the professional sports and/or entertainment industry to encourage students to  consider a professional career in engineering, technology or science. Quotes, photos, and interviews  will be utilized to create flyers, website videos, DVD’s and Youtube postings.