Safety Logo

Always be responsible for the safety of yourself and others.

Always remember all accidents are preventable.

Always follow company rules, regulations and procedures.

Always assess the risks, Stop and think.

Always be proactive about safety.

Always deter from situations you’re not trained to handle.

Always manage the lift.

Always be prepared.

Always practice good housekeeping.

Always take the safest path, never take shortcuts.

No running, throwing objects or excessive horseplay
Clean up work area after use
Respect everyone and the equipment
Do not disturb people using machinery
Be aware where the First Aid, Eye Wash Station, and Fire Extinguisher is located (See Map)
Wear proper equipment and attire while in work areas
Inform Safety Captain or a Mentor of any break in safety rules, safety problems, or breakage of machinery

TORC Fabrication Certification

Must have a mentor in the room to use power machines unless a level 3, LEVEL 4 STUDENTS are not MENTORS for students below Level 3

Level 0: (Jar­Jar Binks)

The student is aware of safety requirements (PPE and proper attire), personal safety, how to identify the machine hazard zones and the dangers of the machines.

Level 1: (T) Trained (Younglings)

In this level, the student must demonstrate knowledge of safety procedures in fabrication shop and basic machine use.

The training that each student will go through to achieve this level is to have the mentor or “student mentor” address the appropriate attire, how the machine is used, the emergency stop/ brake, on/ off switch or button and the behavior we expect in the lab.

Level 2: (O) Observed (Padawan)

Once a mentor believes that a Level 1 certified student wishing to achieve the next level up is ready to perform a solo operation under observation, the mentor will provide a CAD drawing to the student and observe the student perform all of the necessary steps to produce the part to print.

Successful completion of the Level 2 certification requires the students perform all operations safely, without endangering others, self or equipment, and the part be produced within the tolerance on the print.

Level 3: (R) Refined (Jedi Knight)

Once a mentor believes the level 2 certified student wishing to achieve the next level up is ready to perform advanced operations under observation.  This may include adjustment of machine setup, or performing non­standard operations.

Level 3 certified students must demonstrate proficiency, responsibility, accuracy, ability to read CAD prints/data and adaptability to make process adjustments in the production of a part according to the print provided by the mentor.

Level 4: (C) Create a Procedure (The Jedi becomes the master)

Once a mentor believed that a Level 3 certified student wishing to achieve the next level up is ready to be identified as Level 4, the mentor will assign the Level 3 student to create a procedure to accomplish a specific task on the given machine.  The student will be required to perform the following:

1. Research the steps required to perform the task in a safe and reliable manner.

2. Identify the tools required to perform the task

3. Prepare a procedure in TORC format documenting the process and save the procedure in the TORC fabrication drive for others to access.

4. Review the procedure with a fabrication mentor.

5. Modify the procedure in accordance with mentor input.

6. Follow procedure to verify accuracy and ability to meet task requirements.

7. Update procedure to reflect any changes you identified during the trial run.

8. Observe another student follow the procedure, making notes for areas not understood, ensuring others are able to follow the procedure.  Make required changes.

9. Provide the finished procedure the mentor for sign off.


  • Runner­ up for UL Industrial Safety Award at Waterford District ­ Safety Star of the Day at Waterford District ­
  • Runner ­up for UL Industrial Safety Award at Michigan State Championship
  • Safety Star of the Day at Michigan State Championship


  • Runner ­up for UL Industrial Safety Award at Waterford District ­ Safety Star of the Day at Waterford District ­ Won UL Industrial Safety Award at West Michigan
  • District ­ Best Pit Safety at Michigan State Championship