We Build Relationships

  At TORC we are geared to build RELATIONSHIPS.

TORC and its sponsors
TORC holds each sponsor’s name and reputation in the highest regard and strives to represent them with integrity & professionalism.

TORC Team 2137 Visits its sponsor – DÜRR Systems

TORC Team 2137 Visits its sponsor – DÜRR Systems

In 2011, to further build on the relationships with our sponsors, TORC began to:

  • Send team updates to our sponsors throughout the competition season letting them know of our successes and challenges
  • Visit sponsor facilities to learn more about their business and operations

In 2012 to further build our relationships, TORC:

  • Hosted tours of the facilities at Oxford H.S. and held an end-of-the-year Sponsor Appreciation BBQ.
  • Provided “retired robots” for demonstration and static displays.



Alpha AwardThis has deepened our relationships with our sponsors which has resulted in:

  • Increased support
  • New partnership banners
  • Summer internship opportunities
  • Sponsor supported student recognition awards such asThe Alpha Award (given in memory of Peter Hochstein, the founder of Relume Technologies) and Kettering University Technology Award
Mr. Kimmel - Engineering and Math

Mr. Kimmel – Engineering and Math

TORC and Oxford High School

TORC has grown its relationship with the school and teachers each year. We now have five teachers supporting TORC.

    • In 2012, TORC garnered the assistance of 3 more teachers, one of which assists with our special needs members.
    • In addition, the research & marketing teacher now allows TORC students in his class to develop our business plan as part of there course work.
    • In 2013, the multi-media teacher provided access to the media lab and support to our media captain.
    • TORC members are selecting elective courses that will equip them with skills that they can use to expand the teams capabilities. One student enrolled in web design, and is now managing the team website. The teacher allows him to use the team site as his classroom project.
    • We now have eight engineering courses and fifteen IT/Graphics/Marketing courses available.
    • New this year, TORC assisted in gaining college credit for MECH 100 through Kettering University available as a high school course.

 TORC and OHS students

  • TORC recruits students members at freshmen orientation and high school registration.


    • Wrestling team – TORC works their senior night concession stand so their parents can attend the ceremony. This led to TORC being invited to participate in a parade celebrating the wrestling state championship and TORC’s two districts win in 2011.
    • Soccer team – TORC’s Breakaway robot and varsity soccer players held a shoot out at a community festival in 2012.
    • Baseball team – The varsity baseball team invited TORC to use its breakaway robot to trigger the dunking machine at a local festival in 2012.

TORC and the Community

TORC  participates in several community activities to lend its support.

  • Celebrate Oxford
  • Backyards & Burgers
  • Farmer’s market
  • Girlfriend’s Walk
  • Parades
  • Veteran recognition ceremonies
Girlfriend's Walk

Girlfriend’s Walk

TORC Reads to Children at Backyard's & Burgers

TORC Reads to Children at Backyard’s & Burgers

Team TORC and veterans

TORC Team 2137 and Local Veterans
From American Legion Post 108

 TORC utilizes its team trailer as a mobile billboard to feature 10 of Oxford’s downtown business

TORC is Building lasting relationships