Membership Documents for Students

TORC Team Registration Forms

  • To following 4 things need to be completed:
    Read the TORC Team Handbook

    Complete the TORC Team Registration

    Complete the Transportation Waiver

    Register with FIRST

  • It is preferred that the Team Registration and Transportation Waiver Forms be submitted online
  • Online submissions require a password

TORC Team Handbook

TORC Team Registration
(to be completed jointly with parent)

btnOnlineClick here to submit Team Registration online

Transportation Waiver
(to be completed by parent/guardian)

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First LogoFIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Registration

  • Both the student and a parent/guardian will need to create separate accounts using separate email addresses
  • Returning students and parents only need to login each year with their password to update their registration for the new year and sign the consent form
  • Parents with more than one student involved in FIRST programs will need separate email addresses entered in the parent email section of each child’s FIRST Registration

Dean’s List and Scholarship Workshop
TORC Dean’s List Nomination Process

*Click here to go to Dean’s List nomination process

Dean’s List Nomination Essay
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Scholarship Information


Click here to download “Scholarship Workshop” Materials

Scholarships Widget

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