Kettering Kickoff 2014

2014 Kettering Kickoff match

TORC Team 2137 Goes Head to Head at the Kettering Kickoff and Brings Home Second Place

Oxford High School’s Team TORC won second place at the “Kettering Kickoff” held at Kettering University in Flint on Saturday, September 21st. Kettering University hosted 48 FIRST robotic teams as they played the 2014 Aerial Assist game. TORC competed with 47 other robotics teams during the qualification matches and became the Captain of the number seven alliance. Eight, three team alliances were then formed to enter the elimination rounds. TORC selected team 245 the Adambots of Rochester Hills and team 2054 the Tech Vikes of Hopkins as its alliance partners.
In the quarter-finals, TORC’s alliance defeated the number two alliance made up of team 910 the Foley Freeze of Madison Heights, team 2337 the EngiNERDs of Grand Blanc, and 3538 the Robo-Jackets of Avondale winning the first two matches and advancing to the semi-finals.
In the semi-finals the TORC alliance competed against the number three alliance consisting of team 3322 Eagle Imperium of Ann Arbor, team 503 the Frog Force of Novi, and team 51 Wings of Fire of Pontiac. The first match ended with a loss for the TORC alliance. Under pressure and facing possible elimination, TORC and its partners rallied to claim victory in the next two matches and advanced to the finals.
Facing the number one alliance of team 33 the Killer Bees of Auburn Hills, team 1506 Metal Muscle of Flint, and team 314 Big MO of Flint, TORC’s alliance won the first match. Needing to win one additional match to claim the championship, TORC was confident it could be done. Match two brought a win to the number one alliance leaving both teams under the gun. The final match led to victory for the number one alliance and the TORC alliance claimed second place.
In recent years TORC has been fortunate to advance to semi-final rounds at district, state, and world competitions only to be eliminated by the eventual champions. TORC has dubbed this the” semi-final curse”. At the Kettering Kickoff the “semi-final curse” was broken and TORC entered the finals!
TORC credits the sponsorship of Oxford Community Schools, The Chrysler Foundation, Kettering University, BCC, KMT Robotics, Durr Systems, Valeo, Kawasaki Robotics USA, Relume Technologies, Michigan Department of Education, Patti Engineering, CEC Controls, Vote on, Pink & Charlie, Creative Embroidery, Beadifferent, Burdick Street Landscape & Supply, Mazza Auto, Wiches, Art Capsule Gallery & Frame, J & T Electrical Supply, and Choo Choo’s Chocolate for playing a significant role in TORC’s success. Their donations of space, equipment, supplies, services, and finances has allowed TORC to become a well rounded team that experiences respect from its fellow FIRST competitors, recognition from FIRST judges, and success on the playing field both at FIRST competitions and at off-season competitions.
In addition, the exposure provided by the Wildcat Review, the Oxford community, OCTV and the Oxford Leader in helping TORC share its stories allows TORC to inspire others to explore science, technology, engineering and math. To all TORC supporters, TORC says, “Our success is your success. Thank you!”

A small representation of TORC and several new member candidates
pose with the “Top Dog” trophy awarded for their 2nd place win.

Shown here Left to right: Front row, Zach Spencer, Drew Sedam, Tony Sands, Devon King Second row, Christopher Meyers, Joseph Dechichi, Eric Giese, Eric (E2) Myllyoja, Bradley Taylor, Jack Brodeur

Shown here Left to right: Front row, Zach Spencer, Drew Sedam, Tony Sands, Devon King
Second row, Christopher Meyers, Joseph Dechichi, Eric Giese, Eric (E2) Myllyoja, Bradley Taylor, Jack Brodeur

  • 6-wheel drive, Kit of Parts wheels – dropped center wheel
  • Controlled by Talon motor controllers
  • Quick, powerful, and maneuverable
  • Belt driven
  • ½” shaft with bearings
  • 4 CIMs with Sonic Shifters

  • Belt driven
  • Adjustable ball compression
  • Mounted at base of robot and drops forward
  • Raised and lowered by pneumatic cylinders
  • Lexan Sides to keep the ball inside the robot and allow catching
  • 2-wheel roller with surgical tubing extensions
  • Surgical tubing crossing to keep ball settled while moving

  • Pneumatic cylinder powered catapult
  • Flat arc with large sweet spot

  • Optional one-ball or two-ball autonomous
  • Able to move forward
  • Able to shoot balls into high goals

  • Drivers control with Xbox controllers
  • Toggle for tank or halo drive
  • Adjustable turning sensitivity for halo mode