We Build Innovators

At TORC we are geared to build INNOVATORS

TORC demonstrates innovation in its robot designs, as well as its efforts to spread the FIRST message.

GO PRO Program

TORC’s “GO PRO” program was recognized by FIRST Chairman Walt Havenstein & FIRST founder Dean Kamen as an innovate way to spread the message of FIRST to those in professional sports, entertainment & government at the 2012 FRC MI State Championship.

GO PRO Detroit Pistons Flight Crew

Ralph Gilles CEO of Chrysler SRT Brand

Ralph Gilles CEO of Chrysler SRT Brand

Rob Rubick Former Detroit Lions tight-end and current analyst

Rob Rubick Former Detroit Lions tight-end and current analyst

TORC’s “GO PRO” program seeks opportunities to interact with representatives of pop culture to promote the notion that 100% of FIRST students can “GO PRO” in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers.

Read more on our “GO PRO” webpage.


“GO Green with TORC”

Green Program developed by TORC in 2011.

  • TORC designed a campaign advocating energy efficiency by encouraging local businesses to buy FIRST LED light bulbs for use in their establishment.  These bulbs are more efficient, last longer & better for the environment.
  • Increased the LED bulb market penetration by setting up displays at local farmer’s market where TORC could interact with local area home owners.

Expanded multimedia tech to align with “GO GREEN” paperless campaign.

  • Website now features the student and mentor registration, team handbook, calendar, design/build progress logs and sponsorship brochures.
  • In 2013, TORC will provide judges with less paper documentation.
  • TORC’s “We Build” gear links are designed to direct viewers to photos and other documents that demonstrate our efforts.
  • QR code displayed on team t-shirts, in the pit, & on various other items to direct people to the team website where they can learn about the many TORC activities promoting the message of FIRST

TORC – Innovation for today.  Innovation for tomorrow