We Build Fabricators

At TORC, we are geared to build FABRICATORS.

In 2011, TORC received several new shop machines. With the help of Dan Vancura, from Kettering University we were able to create a library of instructional shop machine use videos. This was the beginning of a renewed effort to certify all TORC students on the shop machines.
In 2012 our Safety Captain created a “TORC Certification System” to certify students on the machines in three proficiency levels.

Level 1: (T) Train

In this level the student must show the safety procedures in fabrication shop, personal safety (clothing, hair, safety glasses), machine safety, and basic machine use. At this level the student may use the machine with a mentor at their side.

The training that each student will go through to achieve this level is to have the mentor or “student mentor” address the appropriate attire, how the machine is used, the emergency stop/ brake, on/off, switch or button and the behavior we expect in the lab.

Students are aware of personal protective equipment, proper clothing, machine safety & basic usage. These students work with a mentor at their side.

Level 2: (O) Observe

Once a mentor believes that ta student that wished to level up is ready after observation, the mentor will teach them how to adjust the settings, read and make measurements and read CAD prints. The mentor will need to be in the room in order for the student to use the machines at this level.

The promotion process each student will take is that the mentor will show them how to make the measuring and performance adjustments. Then the mentor will give them simple measurements and the student will have to mark and make the piece them self.

Level 3: (R) Responsible

When the student become proficient at the machine, show responsibility, make quality parts, make quality CAD parts, can properly adjust machine and gets signed off by one of the head mentors he student is then able to use the machine independently without a mentor in the shop.

A head mentor will give the student a small project that consists of reading and making a CAD drawing and adjusting the machine. The mentor then will observe the students process to make sure it has the proper measurements and looks how its supposed to. If student is deemed responsible and capable, one of the head mentors will sign the paper.

Level 4: (C) Certified

Any second year or older student that is given this level is able to certify other students up to a level one and can stand in as a mentor when training. These are the head mentors most trusted and responsible students in the fab shop


Shop Proficiency

  • 1/3 of students certified at level 3
  • 2/3 in training
  • The “TORC Certification System” has enabled the majority of our students to be able to fabricate and weld robot components.
  • Truly a “student built” robot.


2013 Plans

  • Add basic training videos to the TORC website.
  • Add current student certification standings.

TORC – Fabricating strong student leaders