We Build Competitors

At TORC we are geared to build COMPETITORS

TORC (The Oxford Robo Cats) History

Founded in 2007 at Oxford High School

2010 Awards

•Semifinalist – FRC Michigan State Championship
•6th Place – FRC World Championship Newton Div.
•1st Place – Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

2011 Awards

  • Champion – FRC Kettering & Livonia District Competition
  • Top 3 – FRC Michigan State Championship
  • 7th Place – FRC World Championship Galileo Div.

2012 Awards

  • Chairman’s Award Winner – FRC Livonia District Competition
  • Gracious Professionalism Award Winner – FRC Michigan State Championship


Highlights – Helping the Competition


2011 Events

•Referred a student & engineer who were interested in FIRST to team 302
•Assisted rookie Team 3536 with the development of their mini-bot.

2012 Events

•Offered the use of the TORC machine shop to Team 3536.
•Secured a $500 material donation for Team 3539.
•Assisted Team 3769 with bumper construction at the Kettering FRC to enable them to compete.
•Donated a complete new bumper set to Team 3769.
•Donated jags to two teams at the Kettering District.

2013 Events

•Hosted a 4 day pre-bag practice event on a full field, including fabricators and machine shop usage. Two teams were able to complete their robot.
•Helped a team at the Waterford District rewire their robot in order to pass inspection so they could compete.

TORC:  Competitive + Cooperative = Coopertition™