Chinese Student Thanks FIRST

Mechanical Co-Captain Jeff

Mechanical Co-Captain Jeff

Jeff Zhang, a student from China, came to America for an experience. An experience with new friends and an expansion of knowledge is what he received. Zhang joined FIRST Team 2137 in 2012. The TORC team was the chance to explore the world of hands on skills. Zhang has learned a lot about engineering and how to work as a team.

Jeff gave TORC a donation of $1000.00 as an expression of his gratitude to the TORC Robotics team. Jeff said, “Before in China, I would just stay at home doing my homework.” He further explained, “Now I know how to be more social and communicate with others and make friends. Now I know how to work as a team.”

Jeff donates scholarship

Jeff delivers his check for $1000.00 to Kristen



Zhang can often be seen using his excellent math skills to help calculate critical information concerning the robot. He was named student captain for the mechanical team this year and will help a group of seven Chinese students build TORC’s second robot. “Our team really loves working with Jeff. It’s such a great opportunity to work with international students like Jeff. It opens our eyes to a bigger world,” said Kristen E. a TORC member.

Ever since Zhang was a child, he wanted to get involved with engineering. With Zhang’s advancement in knowledge, he will be one step closer to his dream career of nuclear engineering.