We Build Bridges

 At TORC we are geared to build BRIDGES.

Building Bridges with Oxford High School & Kettering University

•In 2010 TORC assisted with the development of the Engineering Academy at Oxford H.S. by bridges2developing an equipment list for the current and future Engineering curriculum.
•In 2011 TORC began FRC sponsorship discussions with Kettering University.
•After touring the Oxford H.S. facilities Kettering University became a TORC ongoing Sponsor.
•In 2012 Kettering University began discussions with Oxford H.S. and TORC mentors to develop new Engineering courses for college credit.
•In 2013 Kettering University will offer its first college course for credit at Oxford H.S. – Mech 100


Building Bridges with Oxford High School & Chinabridges1 bridges2

•Each year since 2010, TORC has shared the FIRST message to students, teachers, principals, & school officials from China visiting Oxford H.S.
•Students & school officials are invited to drive and operate previous year’s robots.
Beijing Channel Consulting Donation

Beijing Channel Consulting Donation

•In 2012 Team TORC added 4 Chinese students enrolled at the Oxford International Academy.
•In 2013 Team TORC added 2 new Chinese members.
•Through these interactions, TORC has developed a long term sponsorship with Beijing Channel Consulting.


 TORC is Building Bridges and Building Relationships