2018 Sponsors

Oxford High School Career Technical Education – Platinum Level Sponsor
Read more about Oxford High School Career Technical Education here
The FCA Foundation – Platinum Level Sponsor

The FCA Foundation has been sponsoring TORC with a grant each year since 2012. In addition to the grant provided to TORC to assist with registration fees and the robot build, The FCA Foundation also provides additional funds when TORC qualifies for the FIRST World Competition.

Read more about The FCA Foundation here
ARC Investment – Platinum Level Sponsor

ARC Investment began supporting TORC in 2017. ARC Investment is a privately held commercial real estate development and management company owned by a family member of TORC team member AJ LaRoche. They own and operate: Security Self Storage Mini-warehouses (ssstoragemi.com), Paint Creek Village Apartments (paintcreekvillage.com) and several light industrial and business parks in Oakland County, MI. Their most recent project is a 53,000 sq.ft. mixed use Business Park in Auburn Hills, MI.

The Oxford Leader – Platinum Level Sponsor
Read more about The Oxford Leader here
Michigan Department of Education (MDE) – Titanium Level Sponsor

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has appropriated funds to support Michigan Public Schools STEM/Robotics programs. MDE began awarding grants to TORC in 2014.

Read more about Michigan Department of Education (MDE) here
CEC Controls – Titanium Level Sponsor

CEC Controls has been sponsoring TORC since 2011. They have doubled their support this year. Our partnership with them began when Scott McBride (CEC Employee), began mentoring with TORC as our Programming and Electrical Lead Mentor. Read more about CEC Controls

Read more about CEC Controls here
CAMS – Titanium Level Sponsor
Dassault Systèmes (software licenses) – Titanium Level Sponsor

In 2015, Dassault Systémes became a TORC sponsor. They provided TORC with sixty SOLIDWORKS licenses for our students. SOLIDWORKS in a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software that trains and supports the world's engineering and design teams. This past summer TORC students began learning to use SOLIDWORKS as we seek to expand the students engineering and design skills. TORC mentor, Jeff Funke facilitated this relationship. Read more about Dassault Systémes and SOLIDWORKS.

Read more about Dassault Systèmes (software licenses) here
Oakland University – School of Engineering and Computer Science – Titanium Level Sponsor
Read more about Oakland University – School of Engineering and Computer Science here
Michigan Orthopaedic Surgeons – Titanium Level Sponsor

Michigan Orthopaedic Surgeons began sponsoring TORC in 2018.

Oxford Community Schools – Gold Level Sponsor

Oxford Community Schools is supporting TORC

Read more about Oxford Community Schools here
Kettering University – Gold Level Sponsor

Kettering University began sponsoring TORC in 2011. In addition to financial support, Kettering provided TORC’s first fabrication equipment training for TORC mentors and worked with TORC to implement Mech 100 for college credit in Oxford High School. TORC now provides workshops in the FIRST Community Center at Kettering University, supplies TORC alumni as mentors to teams in the center, and five TORC alumni designed and built Kettering’s first “Robot in 3 Days” (a challenge where, beginning the day of the new FIRST game release, small groups attempt to build a robot in three days).

Read more about Kettering University here
Valeo – Gold Level Sponsor

Valeo began sponsoring TORC financially in 2011. In 2012, with the help of TORC Mentor, Steve Marshall, Valeo donated four computers and monitors for use by the TORC CAD team. TORC Mentor, Earl Taylor, parent of two TORC members and Valeo employee, has continued this partnership.

Read more about Valeo here
Stage 3 Productions – Gold Level Sponsor

Stage 3 began sponsoring TORC in 2017. Owned by TORC mentor, Andre LaRoche, Stage 3 has been a valuable resource for video and media editing and equipment.

Read more about Stage 3 Productions here
Village Tees – Gold Level Sponsor

Village Tees began sponsoring TORC in 2017. The relationship with them began when TORC’s mentor, Ricki Purdy, approached Village Tees inviting them to create team t-shirts and spiritwear for TORC.

Read more about Village Tees here
Pillar Design – Gold Level Sponsor

Pillar Design became a TORC sponsor in 2015. Owned by a parent of a TORC member, Pillar Design has been a valuable resource for the Chairman’s team. Providing graphic design services and assisting students with the creation of our Chairman’s video, Pillar Design has helped TORC expand it’s skills. In addition, the robots sport eye-catching graphics.

Tough Mudder – Gold Level Sponsor
Durr Systems – Gold Level Sponsor
Read more about Durr Systems here
Quality Fastener and Supply – Aluminum Level Sponsor

Quality Fastener and Supply Company began supporting TORC in 2017. Quality Fastener and Supply Company is one of the largest distributors of high quality fasteners, tools, and industrial supplies in the South-East Michigan area. For over 30 years, Quality Fastener and Supply Company has been supplying businesses and individuals with their fastener, tool, and industrial tool needs.

Read more about Quality Fastener and Supply here
Merge – Aluminum Level Sponsor
Read more about Merge here
Oxford Rotary Club – Aluminum Level Sponsor

Oxford Rotary Club began sponsoring TORC in 2018

Read more about Oxford Rotary Club here