2018: Power Up

Intake and Wrist
Intake utilizes independent arms with 4 Fairlane (Fraser MI) Wheels of both 35 and 20 durometers.
Intake wheels are powered by independent BAG motors on VersaPlanetary gearbox, throug a unique 90 degree timing belt solution allowing better packaging of the intake drivetrain.
Motors are controlled by Victor SP motor controllers mounted ondrivebase and powered through a 14 AWG 4 conductor festoon cable through the elevator.
Wrist is also controlled by a BAG motor and VersaPlantary gearbox with VersaEndoer  Feedback.
The wrist is controlled by Talon SRX motor controller in position controlled PID running on the Talon.
SRX Motor controller is mounted on the Wrist itself allowing for a short encoder cable path.
Photoeye sensor for cube position, allows control software to automatically allow intake wheels to hole cube with slow reverse pressure, and also alerts

Programming and Electrical
TORC was 2018 BETA test team.
TORC’s first year with JAVA programming language, switch from LabVIEW.
Uses Closed loop control in Autonomous utilizing Pidgeon IMU gyro feedback.

Multiple Auto modes, including Field selected Switch and Scale placement from multiple starting points. TORC developed PixyCam PowerCube profile for multiple cube Autonomous modes.
(Currently not implemented.)

8 wheel drop center wheel base, 2 speed gearbox, 3 stage cascading elevator.
Elevator also is climber, based on 2nd stage hook.
Intake independent arms, spring actuated, with motor controlled wrist articulation for accurate cube placement.

8 Wheel drop center drive base for less rocking action when elevator is fully extended.
6” Colson wheels in center for High Grip, low maintenance, outside wheels Andymark for
weight savings. 6” wheel height for traversing ramp and field electrical cords.
2 Speed Versa Ball Shifter, 3 stage with pneumatic shifter. Geared for 20 feet per second and 5.5 feet per second theoretical speeds.
Motor power is 2 CIMS, and 2 Mini CIMS for weight considerations.
Chassis is custom designed and built to meet game requirements.
Driveline is controlled by Talon SRX motor controllers with encoder feedback, and software enabled velocity mode control in both Autonomous and Teleop.


Elevator & Climber
3 Stage cascading lift design. Max height of Elevator is designed to be able to place a Power Cube on the second level of the scale when we have lost ownership.
Climbing is completed by active hook deployment via servo release, which are attached the second stage of the elevator. Climbing is deigned to lift 300lbs (2 robots) 24” in less than 10
Motor Power is a single CIM, through a 49:1 Vex Versaplantary gearbox, that uses a Vex VersaEncoder for position feedback. Elevator is controlled by a Talon SRX, in a position  controlled PID running on the Talon SRX for quick update times, and response rate.