2017: Steamworks

Drive line
-Vex Pro 3 CIM Ball-Shifter
-3.68x Spread
-50:64 3rd Stage
-18.1 ft/s High
-4.92 ft/s Low
-Colson 4″
-Outer Wheels 7/8″ wide
-Drop Center 1.5″ Wide
– #35 Chain

Gear Claw
-4″ Pneumatic Claw Closer
-3″ Pneumatic Pivoter
-First Ever TORC CNC job
-Three Photo eye Automation

-Single Drum with assist wheels, and hood
-2x 775Pro
-Belt Drive 30:18 ratio
-4″ Compliant wheels x5
-Pneumatic Two position Hood
-Photo eye Shot tracking

-Custom 3/16” Lexan CNC Hopper
-1/2″ Urethane Poly Cord Feeder
-Pneumatic Feed Control

Intake Roller
-3D Printed Spacers and Collars
-40′ of Poly Cord
-Bag Motor, 7:1
-#25 Chain drive

-775 Pro, 175:1
-#35 Chain drive
-2″ Diameter
-Switchable Climber
-5/16 Spike drum
-Velcro Climber

-Manifold Style Pneumatic Distribution
-DIN rail Photo eye Power
-Completely Victor SP
-LED Pilot Signals
-On Board Compressor

Off to a challenging start in our week one competition. We knew we were not polished going into the bag on bag day, with about an hour run time on the bot, and 14lbs overweight, that we had our work cut out for us, before the Southfield stacked competition this weekend. Yet we cut weight weight, passed inspection, and pressed on. We had Students working with other teams, Eric was part of the “Swat” team and helped multiple teams with labview programming, I looked up once and found him on the Sexton Robotics Drive team, as he was helping them with dashboard video feeds. We had Emily recognized for her safety program, that we continue to build on work done in previous years.Friday, was also tough, as we were not completing climbs, and missing autos. A change to our backup design climber, along with a change in gear ratios, had us finishing the day with a successful climb. Our auto routines were off due to sensor inconsistency with the clear lexan wall behind the gear lift. We did a late change to another sensor and programming updates, and the autos were successful on Saturday.
Saturday, everything started working as designed, and we were successfully getting gear autos and climbing. Based on the Saturday data, TORC put up the 3rd highest OPR. We were back. We were picked by a rookie 7th alliance captain The Ravens 6136 from Detroit. It was decided that it was possible to add our climber we took off on Friday to their bot, and get them climbing. We started preparing the changes, but had to play the first match. We lost by only two points to the 2nd alliance. We continued to work hard, and got programming and electrical done, back to play match 2. TORC missed our auto, but the alliance was able to squeak out a win. Still working hard, we got them mechanical mounted, but we were called to the field to play match 3. We used our time out coupon, but were not able to complete the motor mount and chain in time. TORC hit the Auto, but it was not enough, and we lost the rubber match. We continued to work with the Ravens, and donated our parts to them, so the are now a climbing bot heading into their next competition at Woodhaven. Pretty impressed with this rookie team with no scouting data, put together an alliance that took the number two alliance to 3 matches, and a few more minutes would have had all 3 bots climbing. Thanks for the work, and help, and pick, The Ravens 6136 and the Legends of Robotics 6193! TORC was awarded the Safety Award and the Gracious Professionism award by the Judges of Southfield.

Along with our alliance partners Clarkston’s team Rush #27 and Marine City’s team Robosapiens #4779, we took FIRST PLACE among the 40 contending teams in the FIRST Robotics Waterford Competition. The road to the win was very exciting! During the playoff matches TORC’s alliance broke the WORLD RECORD FOR HIGHEST MATCH SCORE twice! Once in the quarterfinals with a score of 452 and again in the finals matches with a score of 465. In addition to bringing home the Winner’s banner, we also earned The Gracious Professionalism Award for the second time this season!