2015: Recycle Rush Robot

2015 Recycle rush for specMechanical Drive Train
•    H-drive drive train
•    3 cims, 2 mini cims
•    Strafing wheel actuated for optional use
•    Chain driven
•    One mini cim
Pneumatic Claw
•    Grabs both totes and containers
•    Actuated with two pneumatic cylinders
Roller Intake
•    For acquiring and securing game pieces

•    2015 system/Beta Team
•    Tape measure recycling container retriever with encoder feedback
•    Autonomous controls utilizing gyro and driveline encoder feedback for distance
•    Talon SR motor controls
•    Elevator uses over travel limit switches with encoder feedback
•    Tote detecting photo eye

•    Programmed in Labview
•    Uses Beescript to easily edit and swap between autonomous routines
•    Elevator controlled by PID algorithm written by TORC using IZONE  accumulators
•    Code to stack at human player station with one button press