2014: Aerial Assist Robot

2014 Aerial Assist Turbo

  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFICATION 2014 St. Louis, MO., Archimedes Division, finished 4th of 100 teams
  • Michigan State Championship at Eastern Michigan University, Semi-finalist
  • Midland District at HH Dow HS, Semi-finalist
  • Waterford District at Waterford Mott HS, Semi-finalist



Drive Train
•    6-wheel drive, Kit of Parts wheels – dropped center wheel
•    Controlled by Talon motor controllers
•    Quick, powerful, and maneuverable
•    Belt driven
•    ½” shaft with bearings
•    4 CIMs with Sonic Shifters
Front Roller
•    Belt driven
•    Adjustable ball compression
•    Mounted at base of robot and drops forward
•    Raised and lowered by pneumatic cylinders
•    Lexan Sides to keep the ball inside the robot and allow catching
•    2-wheel roller with surgical tubing extensions
•    Surgical tubing crossing to keep ball settled while moving
•    Pneumatic cylinder powered catapult
•    Flat arc with large sweet spot
•    Optional one-ball or two-ball autonomous
•    Able to move forward
•    Able to shoot balls into high goals
Drivers Station
•    Drivers control with Xbox controllers
•    Toggle for tank or halo drive
•    Adjustable turning sensitivity for halo mode

Build and Testing