2012 Rebound Rumble


2012 Rebound Rumble Robot

2012 Rebound Rumble Robot

  • TORC 4/6 WD Hybrid Drive
  • 4 WD with additional articulating center driven bogie wheels
  • Quick, Powerful, Maneuverable
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Precise chain adjustments for proper tensioning

4 Cims with Toughbox gear boxes

  • Pneumatic front roller assembly used to pick up balls, change weight balance, push down bridge
  • Surgical tubing used to grip balls and throw into ball delivery system
  • Angled guides used to center ball
  • Banebot RS550

  • 3 stage pulley system using poly cord and homemade pulleys
  • Photo eyes used to stage balls and turn off pickup system to avoid collecting more than  3 balls
  • 2 – Banebot RS550

  • Single axel style shooter with rounded ball guide
  • Double wheel for ball centering and consistent squeeze
  • Rear mounted camera for driver feedback and aiming encoder to control wheel RPM
  • 2 – Fisher Price 0801-0673 motors with cimulator gearbox

  • A Gyro and developed code to be able to drive the robot straight using the Gyro feedback
  • 5 autonomous modes
  • We also have the code that allows the robot to turn to a Gyro heading
  • Implemented the the Killer Bees “Beescript” autonomous

scripting code published last year by Andrew Palardy and posted to the Chief Delphi site


  • Axis camera to provide a real time feed, looking directly over our shooter wheels
  • First Touch I/O module and built a driver’s controls station w/switches to control the RPM of the shooter motor at 3 preset speeds
  • Speeds controlled via encoder feedback and Proportional-Integral control loop, feeding motor control commands to the Jaguar motor controls
  • In the event of an encoder feedback failure – an analog potentiometer on the driver’s  console that can be used to control motor speed without feedback.
  • Code that reads the encoder position w/ the use of “P” Proportional control loop to hold the position of the robot when the driver comes off the sticks to balance the robot on the bridge




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