2011: Logomotion

2011 Logomotion Robot

2011 Logomotion Robot

2011 Logomotion Logo

TORC’s 5th year in the FRC program has been a successful one. TORC’s outside-the-box thinking led them to an outside-the-tube idea. We have an efficient robot “mouth” that beats out the competition. The speed an agility compared to the size of the robot is incredible, and the minibot isn’t something to complain about either. Our MiniBot goes up in 1.6 seconds, that is amazing.

2011 Game Manual: LogoMotion

2011 Kit of Parts

2011 Field Schematics

2011 Sponsorship Presentation

2011 Judging Brochure

2011 Scouting Sheet

5th Gear Game: 2011