2009: Lunacy

2009 Lunacy Robot

2009 Lunacy Robot

2009 Lunacy Logo

TORC’s third year was average. The robot was efficient at picking up the moonballs. It was difficult to develop on the chosen field surface. It had a turret at the top so we could shoot the balls at any angle. It held 15 balls at a time. It was a good year

• Rear Wheel Steer based on Testing
• Four Wheel Drive
• Biased Power to Drive Wheels
• Two Balance Wheels for Stability

  • Efficiently gathers balls and directs toward conveyor
  • Can reverse direction to deliver balls low or clear unwanted rock
  • Stores balls and deliver low or high via shooter
    Clutch to stall out conveyor belt when full
  • Metering flap to enhance ball flow

  • Two speeds to dump balls at close target or shoot up to 15 feet
  • Can rotate up to 270 degrees regardless of robot direction

  • Effective at moving out of shooting proximity at beginning of match

  • Consistent and accurate payload delivery into target.

  • Learned to use many different aspects of the new program even though we might not have needed it this year.
  • Accomplished programming everything that was given enough time